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Distribution of Supplies

The Cap Haitien region has many large, capable organizations working to distribute health supplies throughout the region. Therefore our role is limited but, we hope, valuable.

Procure excess supplies from organizations in the region (clinics, hospitals, etc.) or organizations wishing to help in the region (relief agencies without direct distribution channels in the Cap region)

Determine needs of organizations in region and distribute accordingly

We go back and forth between these functions, searching for particular supplies in response to Network member requests. Additionally, we distribute for large aid organizations who want to help in the region but prefer to coordinate with us for distribution.

Let us know if you have a supply need or excess supplies to donate to other network members.  We will see if we have the items, or try to find others who may be able to help you.Please fill out this form to get in touch with us,  Or, call or text 3792-0060.

We have items such as
(we will not have all items on this list, and we will have items which are not on this list):

buterol Sulphate Inhalation Aerosol      Acetaminophen      Alcohol for cleaning      Amoxicilin      Antacid      Aquatabs      Bandages      Benzoate 25%      Betadine Solution      Blaxin granule bottles    Blood Infusion Sets and Sampling Kits      Bottles for lab samples or medications      Brushes, antiseptic      Buckets, Dishes, and Bins      Calmoseptine Skin Cream for Irritation      Caps      Chloroquine      Cholera prevention education posters      Clorox      Dressings for wounds      Eyeglasses      Eye Wash      Gauze sponges      Gowns, Surgical Drapes      Heparin Lock Flush      Inhalers      IV Catheters and IV Administration Sets      Lactated Ringer Serum Injection (for cholera)      Metranidazole      Mops      Nebulisers      Oral Rehydration Solution (Pedialyte, Ceralyte)      Oxygen tubing      Povidone Iodine Swabsticks      Resuscitators      Scissors and Forceps      Soap      Sodium Chloride 0.9% Serum Injection      Staple Remover      Surgical Equipement (Electrosurgical pad and pencil, Trays for Wound Closures, Incisions and Drainage, etc.)      Sutures      Syringes      Test Strips for glucose and other factors      Tongue Suppressor      Towels      Vaginal Speculum      Xylocaine      Yankauer suction tubes

We strive to have our available supplies easy to see and our distribution transparent.  You can find the specifics on our donations and recipients in the following spreadsheet. Click here to view in a separate window.  For information on the facilities and their needs, see the list of facilities.

To download our soap distribution database, click here