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List of Medical Facilities

This table has basic information for health facilities in the region, and we aim to update entries continually with supply needs, cholera reports, and other continually changing information.  For facilities, organizations, and individuals working in northern Haiti, please send us your information to be included. Basically, it means you will be listed on this site and have additional visibility to other organizations and suppliers. 

We aim to keep this information up-to-date; for certain data fields--supply needs and cholera information in particular--requires continual updating.  Please send us any updates.  Additionally, other information may be outdated or inaccurate:  we encourage users to send in their information so we get it right.  To send information on an entry, contact:

The table has the names of organizations and can be filtered according to each column.  For example, for those only interested in organizations in the North-West Department, select that department from the menu on that column.

To download the health facilities list, click here.

Click here to view the MSPP map of health facilities.

(For those interested in water and sanitation, download our water purification sites list, which lists water purification sites, needs, and efforts already.)