Cap Haitien Health Network

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Map of Medical Facilities and Organizations

This map contains medical facilities throughout Haiti. We will update the map with member organizations (e.g. those in water/sanitation, food aid) which are not medical facilities, but only those whose work is centered at a particular location in Haiti.  (Many network members run medical trips that operate at a variety of locations, or distribute supplies to multiple locations, so these may not be included on this map).  This map is interactive, so drag the cursor and use the zoom commands in the upper-left to navigate, or simply click on a green cross icon to zoom to that area. Search in the left-hand column for a facility, use Control-F in your browser to find if an organization or facility is included, or click the "map-view" button to limit the list to organizations in the current window. 

Adding and editing is encouraged!  To edit, click on an individual green cross in the map.  In the box, click on "Edit this Record" to change entries in the left hand column, or use "edit by email" which sends you a template to fill
out.  To add an entry, send a short email to with your name and organization to request a user name, or with other questions on the map.  Contact us at:
(509) 3792-0060