Companies in Cap Haitien

4C Pharmaceuticals, a Haitian Pharmaceutical company with an office in Cap Haitien.  Network member Lynda Bernard is a representative.

Carribean American Shipping Express, a local shipper that works with charity groups

Haiti Humanitarian Response
coordinates response information from the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, and the UN.

IDA Foundation, a global supplier of Essential medicine
Getting around in northern Haiti:

Byki, a free language flash card program including Haitian Creole.


World Health Organization Health Topics, with information on disease and the practice of medicine and public health.  Click on a topic and the links under technical program will bring you to available resources.  Or go to the Haiti page, which is a good center for epidemiology studies on Haiti.
Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis:  Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) is a highly disabiling disease that is endemic in 83 countries.  The Notre Dame Haiti Program is working to fight it.

World Food Program
, a leader in fighting hunger and malnutrition in Haiti

PAHO's weekly updates and information on cholera in Haiti
Health Education:
29 Health Promotion Lessons from Community Health Evangelists (the material does not reference religion) in topics from HIV/AIDS to safe drinking water

Partners in Health Accompagnateurs (community health worker) Curriculum, including facilitator's handbook, participant's handbook, and visual aids, all in multiple langugages.  Find more resources at their website.
Hesperian Foundation, publishing health related literature in multiple languages

Health Education Brochures and Patient Questionnaires in English and Creole

Making oral rehydration solution at home, with instructions in Creole and English

Comprehensive toolkit from K4Health; the most useful thing for most people here is the healthcare section, with a variety of documents on diseases with information specific to Haiti

Operating a Health Facility
OpenMRS, an open source medical records software developed by Partners in Health
Volunteering in northern Haiti:
Register your trip with Medical Mission Exchange, an organization which facilitates referrals of underserved patients to appropriate medical specialists.

Before you go on a clinical trip, please register with Medical Mission Exchange, which helps facilitate referrals of underserved patients to appropriate medical specialists.

Browse K4Health's Haiti Relief Toolkit, with a wealth of technical and practical information.

Buy detailed topographical maps of Haiti

Google Translator.  Useful link for mobile devices as well.

Translation guides, including medical, from K4Health.

Low cost Diagnostic Kits from Science with a Mission.

Emergency Aviation needs from Sky Hope

For US citizens, register with the State Department before traveling to Haiti to get updates.

Embassy in Haiti in the United States
.  You do not currently need a visa for travel less than three months.

Information on doing business in Haiti from the World Bank.
National Policy and Foreign Aid:
Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, in charge of managing aid for post-earthquake recovery